Friday, September 21, 2012

2013 NPEDC will be NPEO

NPEDC is an abbreviation of National Polytechnics English Debating Competition. But next year, in 2013 the number of contest in this event will be increase. Not only debate competition, there will be another competition, "Speech Competition"

It's mean we will have 2 competition in the next year's event. First is National Polytechnic English Debating Competition (NPEDC) and National Polytechnic Speech Competition (NPSC).

In NPSC there will be 3 sub contest:
  1. Public Speaking Contest (Demonstration Speaking, Special Occasion Speaking, Oratory Speaking, Public Address, and Extemporarenous Speaking)
  2. Newscasting Contest (TV presenting and Radio Speaking)
  3. Dramatic Speech Contest (Storytelling and Solo Acting)  
Because of there will be more competition than than the last event, the name of NPEDC change into NPEO (National Polytechnic English Olympiads) for the next year's event.

For the detail of contest (explanation and rule) will be published soon

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